What is Arthritis in the Eyes and How to Manage It

While arthritis is commonly associated with joint pain particularly in the limbs, the eyes are actually not immune to arthritis. In fact, the the negative correlation between arthritis and eye health has been the subject of multiple studies, suggesting that ocular inflammation due to arthritis can occur to anyone around the world.

In one study comprised of 112 patients with psoriatic arthritis, around 35 individuals or 31.2% had ocular inflammation while 19.6% showed conjunctivitis as a common lesion (Lambert & Wright, 1976). It was then concluded that psoriatic arthritis can be frequently accompanied by inflammatory eye lesions.

Why is this a problem?

Eye inflammation may then lead to any of the following:

  1. Eye floaters. Since inflammatory lesions can cause debris in the eyes, eye floaters can happen when these debris cast shadows along the line of sight (van Overdam, et al., 2001).
  2. Lacrymal gland and neural dysfunction. When eye inflammation becomes too severe to the point that one ocular surface is already compromised, the lacrimal support of the eye becomes impaired (Stern, et al., 1998). The Lacrymal gland is responsible for cleansing and lubricating the eye. When this is impaired, the eye will dry out and can cause mild to severe discomfort.
  3. Further scarring and distortion of the eyelids. In some cases, inflammation may lead to aesthetic problems that are not only uncomfortable but also aesthetically non-appealing.

Implications of Arthritis on the Eyes

Arthritis can therefore be detrimental not only to joints all over the body but also poses a risk of eye inflammation. In cases where eye floaters due to eye inflammation are already present, further problems with discomfort and distractibility are expected. Eye floaters due to arthritis-induced eye inflammation are usually not a cause of concern. However, they can distract a person with day to day activities particularly because they tend to shift from place to another depending on the eyes’ focus.

To help alleviate dryness in the eyes caused by arthritis as well as mitigate the chances of being distracted by inflammation-induced eye-floaters, we recommend ialutec® for eye moisture and hydration. Hyaluronic acid retain water molecules along the surface of the eye as well as trap them to maintain vitreous gel consistency. With ialutec®, dry eyes caused by arthritis can drastically improve with the right doses.

Lastly, for additional eye supplements and dietary advice, it is also highly recommended to visit an eye specialist.


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