Can Hyaluronic Acid Help With Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are those tiny squiggly lines you occasionally see when you’re actively looking for them or when you find yourself staring on a brightly lit surface. Over time, you learn to ignore them but is that the only option you have? What could it mean when you have eye floaters? Are they dangerous? How do you treat them? This article highlights those and more.

What exactly are Eye Floaters?

Without being too technical, eye floaters (also known as eye flashes) are varying sizes of deposits floating within the eye. These are caused by degenerative changes of the clear gel that fills the eyeball called the vitreous humor.

Eye floaters can be caused by many diseases and infections, but a spike in floaters is considered a sign of severe eye conditions such as retinal detachment. It’s important to note that eye floaters are nothing new, and it’s completely normal for eye floaters to increase as we grow older but eye floaters can also start at a very young age.

Keeping eye floaters at bay

Treatment of eye floaters come in all shapes and sizes, but unless the condition warrants, you would want to avoid Vitrectomy – the removal of the vitreous humour and replacing it with a synthetic solution – and Laser Vitreolysis – the burning of each floater individually with a laser –  treatments at all costs.

Not only are those procedures crazily expensive, the risks of complications are also too high with some including cataracts, permanent blind spots, retinal detachment, and severe eye infections. Your best bet for immediate yet safe treatment would be the use of hyaluronic acid supplements.

eyepharma ialutecHyaluronic Acid Supplements as Treatment for Eye Floaters

As discussed earlier, the vitreous humor is what you call the clear gel that fills the gap between the lens and retina. It helps maintain the round shape of the eyes. The vitreous is composed of 99% water and 1% other elements and a lot of the latter is made up of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Between the two, it’s the hyaluronic acid that is responsible for retaining water molecules.

As we age, our collagen-hyaluronic acid complex breaks down and results to trapped water molecules being released. This results to a watery core in your vitreous body. Therefore, the best way to retain water molecules is by replenish your eyes’ hyaluronic acid. We recommend a supplement that does exactly that and it’s called ialutec®

ialutec® is a pure, vegan sourced Hyaluronic Acid supplement. Useful to improve the restoration of hyaluronic acid that is lost with aging. Experimental evidence shows that pure hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight, orally administered, reaches the peripheral tissues, the joints, the surface layers of the skin and also the ocular bulb.

Credit: 123rf/Levente Gyori