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Asthenopia from Myopic Degeneration Surgery

Asthenopia is more commonly known as eye strain but technically, eye strain is just one of the many symptoms to describe asthenopia. Others include tired eyes, irritations, redness, blurred vision, and even double vision. Most get asthenopia from increased phone or computer usage due to their work or simply because it’s their past time. But today […]

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How Arthritis Effects the Eyes

When you hear the word “arthritis”, you would most likely associate it with joint pains and often a terrible consequence of aging. Unfortunately, arthritis is not a joint-exclusive problem as it has been shown to actually be detrimental even for your eyes. Arthritis of eyes? Yes, you read that right. It’s a lot to take in […]

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How Long Do Eye Floaters Last?

Vitreous floaters, or more commonly known as eye floaters, are those small spots that always move in your field of vision. These spots are really hard to ignore specially when you’re looking at bright things such as the blue sky or even white paper. They’re annoying and can really mess up our sight. A study conducted […]

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How Do Supplements Work?

The supplement industry is a growing market what with all the findings on what this underrated ingredient or compound does paired with the influx of health buffs all over the world. We have supplements for just about every facet of our life: melatonin for sleep, whey protein for muscle, hyaluronic acid for eye health, multivitamins for general […]

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What is “Dry Eye”?

Dry eye syndrome, or dry eye disease, is a common problem that occurs when your eyes are unable to produce enough tears or when tears evaporate too fast. This caused the eyes to dry out and end up turning red, swollen and irritated. This eye disease is also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or simply “dry eyes”. Symptoms Dry eyes […]

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Hyaluronic Acid as Treatment for Eye Floaters

Are you tired of seeing oddly-shaped objects in your vision? Especially when looking at bright lights such as a blue sky? A good chunk of the aging population sure know how stressful and annoying the constant seeing of spots is. In fact, I bet some of them even almost went blind because of trying to […]

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The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for Eyes

What is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic acid is an organic substance that exists in all living organisms. Hyaluronic acid primarily functions as lubrication in the vitreous humor in the eye, in skin and in the joints. You can use hyaluronic acid supplements for a lot of things. You can use hyaluronic acid supplements as a way […]

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Pure Hyaluronic Acid as an Anti-Aging Treatment?

Everyone’s after any product that can possibly help make them look younger. We’re talking about the likes of creams, lotions, oils, and even soap plus a few pills. Hyaluronic acid (and of course, hyaluronic supplements) seems to be one of the all-time favorites and many fans are saying it might actually help prevent skin aging […]

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