Corneal Hypoxia O Affaticamento Visivo

Corneal hypoxia is a condition in which the cornea does not get enough oxygen. This occurs mostly on people who wear contact lenses specially those who wear contacts for too long or end up forgetting to take them off as they go to sleep. What happens is the contact lenses, as great as they are for vision, actually puts up a barrier that reduces the amount of oxygen that the cornea absorbs.

As a result, the eyes have abnormal blood vessels growing in the normally clear and translucent cornea.

Acute and Chronic Corneal Hypoxia

There are two forms: Acute or Chronic corneal hypoxia syndrome.

Acute Corneal Hypoxia is described as a combination of blurry vision, burning sensation, and sandy feeling in the eyes followed by hyperlacrimation or overflow of tears. Acute Corneal Hypoxia is often found in patients who often forget to remove their contact lenses before sleeping. The usual treatment is to immediately suspend contact lens usage for a good period of time, often substituted with eyeglasses if possible, and it should heal on its own.

Chronic Corneal Hypoxia on the other hand could be asymptomatic. The small yet continuous damage on the surface of the eyes – often due to extended use of old contact lenses – can lead to the observed abnormal blood vessel growth on the cornea and slowly fills the cornea until their vision gets cloudy.

Generally speaking, the longer you wear your contact lenses, the more likely are you at risk for corneal hypoxia.

Preventing Corneal Hypoxia

One of the best ways to prevent corneal hypoxia is to be watchful of how long you wear your contacts or by having some scheduled “no contacts” period within the day. The type of lens you choose also matters particularly the type of lens that fits nicely and has the correct amount of moisture content and oxygen permeability.

Likewise, it is imperative to always follow what your doctor or ophthalmologist tells you to avoid complications. When you notice some redness, irritation, or pain in your eyes, remove the contacts and call the experts. Your eyes are too precious to be left to chance.

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Contact lenses should always be handled with clean hands, using appropriate liquids to preserve them and not forgetting to clean the lens port with disinfectant solution properly. Adequate maintenance of contact lenses not only prevents corneal hypoxia but also conjunctivitis or keratitis.