The conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva which is a thin and transparent tissue that covers the eye. Usually in the course of conjunctivitis, the eye’s redness it is very intense and is often present also secretion and lachrymation.

Conjunctivitis can be viral, bacterial, allergic, chlamydia, fungal, parasitic, associated with other diseases, mechanical.

The allergic conjunctivitis is a problem that occurs not only in the spring, as is commonly thought, but is a reaction to pollen, dust mites, pet’s hair, fine particles and smog, that can be found during different times of the year. This type of conjunctivitis manifests itself with red eyes, incessant itching, copious lachrymation, marked and bilateral photophobia.

The main purpose is to relieve the symptoms, using eye drops which mitigate the allergic symptoms, such as, for example, our PerFlo drops. Of course, it is important to discover the causes that trigger the onset of the ocular allergy, avoiding them and protecting the eyes.

The ocular surface is formed by corneal, limbal, conjunctival epithelium and tear film, that with lacrimal gland forms a morpho-functional unit. When it is attacked by infective, allergic, environmental agents and more, which happens frequently both in an acute way or chronically, the ocular surface has a lot of cellular mediator and molecules, that induce an immune response to defend itself. But an uncontrolled immune response could lead to a vicious circle which produces a tissue damage, fibrosis, permanent alteration of the ocular surface resulting in a loss of visual acuity.