Hyaluronic Acid for Eye Flashes

What are eye flashes? Flashes occur when your retina shows signs of pulling. This usually occurs when the vitreous gel in your eyes become more liquid and collapses. When the gel collapses, people often get flashes occasionally, on and off, over the course of weeks or months. Flashes also most notably occur if you are […]

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The Signs of Corneal Hypoxia

One of the many drawbacks of wearing contact lenses is the possibility of acquiring corneal hypoxia. Corneal hypoxia happens when the corneas don’t get enough oxygen and largely prevalent among contact lens users because of the way contact lenses create a barrier that reduces the amount of available oxygen. Wearing contact lens, especially during sleep, can cause corneal hypoxia. […]

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Blue Green Algae For Athletes

Getting the most out of your diet is one of the most important parts of training specially for athletes. Not just focusing on the macros, but rather nutrition from a holistic point of view. It sounds logical but really, most professional athletes end up focusing on getting a lot of a few select nutrients and […]

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Can Hyaluronic Acid Help With Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are those tiny squiggly lines you occasionally see when you’re actively looking for them or when you find yourself staring on a brightly lit surface. Over time, you learn to ignore them but is that the only option you have? What could it mean when you have eye floaters? Are they dangerous? How […]

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