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Eye Benefits of Lutein

What is Lutein Lutein is a carotenoid, a plant pigment responsible for the colors orange and yellow in many varieties of fruits and vegetables. The presence of Lutein usually marks a large amount of vitamin A so it’s no coincidence Lutein is abundant in carrots or egg yolks. Lutein usually accumulates in the eyes and […]

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How Arthritis Affects the Eyes

When people hear the word arthritis, they usually associate it with inflammation of joints. Research has found out arthritis can cause damage to unexpected places and unfortunately, our eyes are one of them. As it turns out, any inflammatory condition that has an adverse effect on our collagen, the body’s primary connective tissue component, can […]

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5 Interesting Facts About Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are those little cobwebs or tiny specks floating around your field of vision. They look like small, shadowy strings, spots, or squiggly lines. For the most part, our brain has managed to NOT notice them but they’re always just swimming around each time you move your eyes. We’ve talked about eye floaters before […]

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Hyaluronic Acid for Eye Flashes

What are eye flashes? Flashes occur when your retina shows signs of pulling. This usually occurs when the vitreous gel in your eyes become more liquid and collapses. When the gel collapses, people often get flashes occasionally, on and off, over the course of weeks or months. Flashes also most notably occur if you are […]

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